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Investment Division

If you are interested in investing in real estate, we can help you make the most of your investment.

Contact us and let’s discuss your real estate goals.

Tiger Paw’s Real Estate Investment Division seeks out and purchases real estate and investment properties with potential. This includes real estate that may have gone into disrepair, been foreclosed upon, or perhaps is presently owned by a landlord who would prefer to sell it rather than manage it.

Making The Right Investment

We invest in the purchase of these distressed properties, and then renovate and revitalize them to modern standards. This not only improves the particular investment property, but can serve as an impetus to renovate entire neighborhoods and communities. This can improve the real estate values of entire areas.

Many times we are able to offer these properties for purchase by our long-term tenants who may be interested in owning their own home. Other times we may lease them or resell them. Our Real Estate Investment Services are a growing part of our business. If you have a property you would like to sell in the St. Mary’s, Charles or Calvert County, Maryland area, contact Tiger Paw Real Estate Investment Services.